Evidence Terminator 2.0

Evidence Terminator 2.0



Size:2.9 MB

Date Added:08 May, 2013

Author: Soft Media Publishing

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Securely Deletes Files or Hard Drive DOD NSA Encryption Makes Files Unrecoverable by Forensic Software License up to 3 computers. Allows user to drag & drop any file to the Evidence Terminator Icon and make that file totally unrecoverable using a choice blend of encryption methods incorporating DOD-NSA standard or the Guttman method. ET is set to our special SpyCop blend but all settings are adjustable for the super paranoid Ghost Buster: Ghost Buster allows our users to completely obliterate any & all old ghost files or folders that haven't been properly disposed of before they acquired & installed Evidence Terminator Nuke Drives: Everyone needs to use this feature before selling or throwing out their old computers. Simply click on the NUKE DRIVE button and you can relax knowing that any & all data has been securely removed/ terminated and made unrecoverable. LEARN MORE
Requirements: Windows xp Windows Vista Windows7

Systems: WinVista, WinVista x64, WinXP, WinServer

Tags: securely delete hard drive   delete files securely   erase hard drive   secure file shredder   data shredder   encrypted data shredder  

Reviews of Evidence Terminator

  • 10 December, 2013 14:34

    I just tried Evidence Terminator after installation, it successfully deleted some of my files containing sensitive data permanently, none of the recovery software can trace those files now.

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